A simple game about crowd psychology and interactions between individuals. As oppression goes on and people are taken away, your only possible action is  to speak up about what you see, and try to positively influence those around you.

This game was an entry for the Amnesty Jam

  • Loïc Defrance : programming
  • Luc Le Dauphin : game design
  • Vincent Le Ven : graphics
  • Aurélien Montero : sound design

Source on GitHub


SomeoneInTheCrowd.zip 24 MB
someoneinthecrowd.tar 158 MB


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This is cool but the browser version seems to have the wrong dimensions - I can't see the whole screen

Yeah, it seems to be cropped by itch.io, don't really know why. I'll look into it, see if I can find a fix...


oh hey, try setting the dimensions of the game on the edit page

Ahah, obviously... not sure how I could miss that, guess I was just too tired ! Thanks a lot.